Michelle Dominick Okay, look, my whole stance is this: Who the hell cares who has sex and who doesn’t? How many partners you have shouldn’t mean jack. You wanna go and take Plan B or whatever to make sure you don’t get preggers, go for it. You want birth control to make sure that you, again, don’t get preggers, cool. You want birth control to regulate yourself or because you have other health issues that would be helped with whatever those health issues are? Fine.

It really wouldn’t cost that much more out of a persons paycheck to include these things (birth control, Plan B, etc) in insurance or whatever. But this is turning into some BS that religion trumps people’s health, which is a load of bull (because that is, honestly, what it boils down to, let’s be honest) because church and state are separate things and should be kept that way instead of it turning out to be… whatever ever the hell this is.

That and a person’s value should never be dictated by the fact that, what… They supposedly don’t know how to keep their legs closed? Come on. It’s someone’s body and, if they wanna go have sex, that’s completely fine, so long as they’re not spreading diseases.

Also, contraceptives (like condoms) are not 100% effective at preventing pregnancies. So, even if someone takes all the precautions, there’s still an extremely slim chance, but don’t demonize anyone for that or for wanting to have sex in general.

And this kinda rambled on, but I hope the point got across >.>;


Michelle Dominick It’s because we, as people, should be looking out for each other. They do this in other countries (I think Canada does and many countries in Europe do) where everyone pays for everyone else’s health care so that they can have free or fairly cheap health care. This includes hospital/doctors visits and any medication, such as Plan B and birth control. I think it’s doing just fine in those other countries, to be honest.

But people shouldn’t sit there and dictate what people can and can’t do with their bodies. If it’s not your body, you get no say in how that person runs it. They want an abortion because they don’t want kids or they need on medically for health reasons? Fine, whatever, that’s their right and they are their own person and can independently decide what they want for themselves.

Denying people services or making it harder to get services (like abortion or birth control or Plan B pills) is just making it more dangerous to those people who need them, as the government and big businesses are doing. If you deny services, people are going to still find ways around that to get those services, but it ends up being extremely risky (like back in the day when women have to get back alley abortions because they were denied a clean facility to have those abortions and there were a number of women who died because it infections and what have you from it) and, frankly, f the government keeps up going down the road it’s going, that’s prob’ly going to happen again and I honestly do no want to see that in my life time because it’s disgusting that that happened.

Honestly, I like my rights as a person, not just one gender or another, and I don’t want them squandered because someone says that I’m less of one because, say, I have a lot of sex or because I don’t have any sex or because I’m of a different sexuality or am not interested in relationships. Denying people their rights to be free people and make their own decisions is not what this country should be standing for, since it makes it dangerous to seek out certain things because people thinks it’s too much of a hassle to understand others and instantly want to demonize them for things they don’t want to understand.


Becky Kidd ok you brought canada into it. well go there and see how long it takes you to get seen. heard if you are on deaths bed oh well just a number. I stand by the fact that i had to pay for my kids and so should every one else. tired of ppl wanting others to pay for their things. If raped yes no prob, major life or death yes. but to the oops ppl ummmm NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO